Plans are now underway to bring a fabulous mix of authors to the West Highland Hotel for A Write Highland Hoolie at the end of this year. Though we very much hope to proceed – with social distancing if required, due to the volatility of the COVID 19 situation, there will always be a risk that we may have to cancel at reasonably short notice. However, we feel it's worth holding on with optimism and continuing our plans until the end of the summer. Though other book festivals have been highly successful in bringing extraordinary author events to you virtually via Zoom and similar programmes, we feel that our Hoolie is dependent on the cheery atmosphere and craic that has been a feature of past events.  This is why we don't consider it's appropriate for us to move events online. However, as we did last year, we will hold virtual author events if necessary for our local schools.


Hotel bookings will be open shortly, and we would like to reassure you that your safety will be of prime concern.  As before, we guarantee an unforgettable West Highland celebration weekend of books, music and fine food - much needed to raise your spirits after so much gloom.  We do hope you will join us.

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